Our Core Values

8 Core Values Are the Foundation of Everything We Do at SEAPE:

  1. Customer Service: Our success is measured by the repeat of satisfied clients and their referrals. We want to build long lasting relationships.
  2. Quality: The success of our projects in U.S. is the benchmark of quality and value engineering. 
  3. Cost-effective: The combined global and local professional engineers allow us to provide low cost to benefit solutions; in turn, clients can concentrate on core goals and mission-critical tasks.
  4. Time: We take advantage of time zone to provide round-the-clock service. We play pro-active role in coordinations and utilize cutting-edge technologies to trim down design schedule in approximately half to focus more on quality control.
  5. Trust: The greatest business asset we ever have is our employees, trust from clients, and partnerships. Long lasting respects and reliable services will earn our reputation, thus, recommendations and services we commit to clients should be exact same one we would make if we owned their companies. 
  6. Adaptability: Our experiences with multicultural projects enable us to understand and adapt quickly to international basic data stream. 
  7. Solutions: We just don't reach for off-the-shelf-solutions but understand each assignment is unique. We enjoy solving challenges and focus to anticipate early issues to provide in-time solutions.
  8. Technology: Our engineers are experts and trainers of the following software: ACAD, Civil3D, MicroStation, InRoads, Power Inroads, GeoPAK, Prostructure, Plaxis, Midas, Infraworks, Navisworks. We successfully constructed  the CADD management standards that allow us to provide a consistent look across different disciplines. Besides, we stand ready to whichever technology and software requested by Clients.