SEAPE's engineers are also trainers of the following specialized software: Midas, Plaxis, RM for bridge design; InRoad SS4 for highway design; Civil3D and GeoPAK for urban and land development; Prostructures for 3D and 2D model showing reinforcing steel bars in R.C design; Navisworks and Navigator for BIM by combining all 3D models and adding on timelines + quantity takeoff + cost. BIM will then be presented and evaluated by project managers, contractors, and among stakeholders. Visit our training website at

Our capabilities are extended beyond the following specialized areas of expertise in BIM and training:

- Build 3D models from as-built scan data.

- Render 3D models and video clips extracted from precise design models of roadway, highways, bridges, utilties, terrain surfaces etc.

- Customize BIM using Navisworks for faciltiy and project management coordinations.

- Evaluation and optimize BIM for quantity takeoff

- Train individual and corporate